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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) can encompass many phases in the life of your building systems, from equipment manufacture, to delivery, acceptance, installation, startup, commissioning, and continued maintenance. It is a systematic effort to verify that electrical and mechanical equipment and systems comply with all project requirements:

  • Quality of manufacture
  • Conformity to engineering drawings, specifications, and design intent
  • Safe and proper installation and testing
  • Suitably started-up and ready for commissioning

HP&D offers tailored QA/QC solutions for quality assurance & quality control of mechanical & electrical facility systemsOur mechanical and electrical equipment and systems experts tailor a QA/QC approach specific to your project’s unique requirements and environment:

  • Manufacturer and factory QA/QC processes and best practices
  • Packaging, shipping, delivery, and receiving of critical equipment
  • Equipment installation, testing, and start-up sequencing
  • Documentation of critical QA/QC procedures and timelines
  • Contractor oversight
  • Start-up assistance
  • MEP coordination
  • Installation review

Coordinating all design, construction, installation, and start-up efforts in any project involving multiple trades and interests is challenging due to differences in participant philosophies, priorities, delivery and construction schedules, and overall approach. We work seamlessly with contractors, installers, and manufacturers to bring an informed “third-party” perspective to all phases of your project. We help align team member priorities and perspectives using a common-sense approach considering manufacturers’ recommendations, industry best practices, and industry codes and standards.

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