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A properly designed and installed grounding system is crucial to the successful operation of an electrical system and the safety and protection of personnel and equipment. We offer a suite of grounding services to help our clients evaluate grounding system integrity, reduce risk, and comply with applicable standards, including:

Experience Matters… A Lot

There are so many variables that affect grounding. What are the grounding requirements of the installed equipment? How does the soil composition affect grounding? Is your site a small single location such as a rural distribution substation or data center building? Or is it a large complex site such as a nuclear facility or sprawling campus? Is your site sitting on sand, in a swamp, on a mountain, in a high-density urban area?

Our grounding specialists are not only experts in grounding theory, standards, and best practices, but have extensive field experience in lightning and surge protection, rendering HP&D the only choice when getting it right matters.

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