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Power System Studies

Our Powers Systems Studies Group (PSSG) offers comprehensive power system analysis and reporting with practical and useful results and recommendations. Studies include:

  • Arc Flash Hazard
  • Short Circuit and Coordination
  • Load Flow, Harmonic analysis, and Transient Analyses
  • Cable Ampacity/Underground Heat Calculations
  • Motor Starting
  • Voltage Drop

We distinguish ourselves from other study providers by:

  • Providing accurate, comprehensive detail and direct access to the study engineer
  • Conducting on-site data collection to catch any discrepancies between submittals or other standard documentation and any other last-minute changes to the electrical system
  • Notifying clients ASAP of any major issues that may arise, such as under-rated equipment, allowing them to make appropriate decisions prior to construction or completion of the final report
  • Remaining accessible to project participants until all questions are answered and concerns are addressed, even after the study is complete
  • Conducting site implementation of device settings, including downloadable electronic relay files
  • Producing and applying arc flash hazard equipment labels
  • Experienced, knowledgeable engineers do the work, and that is their primary task, not a “new person in the group”
  • Working with all manufacturers’ equipment

In addition to standard studies, PSSG offers value-added services to support clients’ ever-changing electrical environments, including:

  • Campus-Wide Arc Flash Program Management Program
    In a campus environment, whenever changes occur in your facility’s electrical environment, whether within your system or with the utility’s distribution system, we can quickly and efficiently incorporate those changes into your existing study. We can quickly evaluate changes, produce new equipment labels, and keep your system study current.
  • Standards Compliance
    As experts on the various industry standards such as OSHA, NFPA, and IEEE, we keep you informed of and assess your compliance with any relevant updates.
  • Arc Flash Awareness Training
    We offer arc flash awareness training conducted by an OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer at our location or yours.

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