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Building Systems Commissioning

HP&D specializes in electrical, mechanical, and integrated systems commissioning in data centers and critical facilitiesBuilding systems commissioning is the systematic verification that electrical, mechanical, life safety, and security systems operate and interact as intended, both individually and as integrated facility systems.

In today’s energy-driven world, the reliability of electrical and mechanical building infrastructures is more critical than ever. As equipment and technology from the basement to the front office evolves, your building becomes a complex creature  requiring a tenacious keeper.

Even the smallest detail in a fundamental system can become the single point of failure that disables even the most sophisticated facility. That’s why you need a commissioning agent with unrivaled knowledge of all variables that impact performance and reliability, and vast field experience applying that expertise in diverse environments.

With foresight and determination, our highly-capable commissioning teams find and address potential concerns before they become costly problems. As the third-party commissioning agent we represent your interests, bridging the gaps between design, construction, and operation of your critical facility infrastructure.

We provide a full suite of commissioning services offered either independently or as part of a comprehensive commissioning solution tailored to your unique environment, needs, and budget, including:

  • Design, drawing and specification review
  • Equipment submittal review, commissioning script development, factory witness testing
  • Onsite assessment of equipment installation
  • Functional testing (energized) of individual electrical and mechanical components and systems
  • Integrated systems functional coordination, outage behavior, and capacity verification

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The HP&D team's hard work has been remarkable. They’ve put in countless hours, always going above and beyond to ensure every task was completed to the highest standard. The tireless dedication they’ve shown towards their work has had a significant positive impact on our operations.

A satisfied HP&D client

Their attention to detail is outstanding. From scrutinizing minor components to ensuring the overall process alignment, the team has left no stone unturned. Their thoroughness has greatly improved our products and processes, ensuring that we meet and exceed quality standards.

A satisfied HP&D client

HP&D's flexibility has been of immense value. In our dynamic work environment, changes and adjustments are common, but this has never been a challenge for your team. They have shown an ability to adapt swiftly, continuously meeting our needs without any compromise on the quality of work.

A satisfied HP&D client

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