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Grounding System Design

HP&D designs cost-effective grounding systems engineered to comply with IEEE Standard 80 and other applicable standards to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. We also offer peer review of system designs for both new construction and existing sites, and recommend any needed modifications.

Our grounding specialists:

  • Design grounding systems tailored to each individual site, rather than canned designs or templates, to address site-specific conditions, soil resistance values, etc.
  • Develop modeling to verify design performance
  • Conduct lightning protection assessments
  • Analyze life-safety considerations, including step, touch, and transfer voltages

We design grounding systems for a wide range of sites and facilities, such as:

  • Data centers and critical facilities
  • Campuses (educational, healthcare, correctional, and large industrial)
  • Commercial buildings and high rises
  • Electric utility transmission , distribution, and substation facilities
  • Power generation plants (coal, hydro, nuclear)
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Alternative energy sites (solar, wind, fuel cells, bioenergy, etc.)

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