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We Believe In Developing Our People

Our employee development program, titled The Employee Journey, was created to meet the needs of our employees from hiring to retiring and everything in between.

Our program was created specifically for us to meet the unique needs of our people to provide them with the support that they need – when they need it. All employees are provided with opportunities to continue to grow and develop their technical skills as well as leadership and other soft skills. We believe that you must make growth intentional, which is what we have done.

Of special importance to our program is new employees. We strive to set up all new employees with the tools and the resources that they need to be successful.

Mentorship: It’s The Right Thing To Do

Whether during the onboarding process with new employees or mentoring new leaders, mentoring others is both valuable and rewarding. We believe in that value, which is why we have a formal mentoring program for all new employees. New employees are provided with a trained mentor on their first day. This is someone who provides guidance, advice, and support during the onboarding process. Since we hire the best people, we want to ensure that we are setting them up for continued success with us.

Come Grow With Us!

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