SmartGround® Multimeter (SGM)

Developed by Dr. A.P. Sakis Meliopoulos and sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the multi-function SmartGround® Multimeter (SGM) is the only way to test energized grounding systems effectively.

The SGM operates in electrically hostile environments (electric fields, magnetic fields, harmonics, congested urban areas, rough terrain, challenging soil composition, etc.), and accurately measures ground grid and ground system impedance in energized facilities, even those bonded to the utility infrastructure.

More than just a meter, the WinSGM software puts the “smart” in Smart Meter. This robust brain simultaneously filters noise, removes harmonics and signal irregularities, and corrects voltage and transducer errors as it captures thousands of data points – far more measurement and detail than any other device on the market. Its unique user interface shows the user measurements in real-time, which allows qualified operators to validate results of testing as they go.

The SGM and WinSGM software functions include:

  • Ground impedance
  • Soil resistivity
  • Communications and transmission tower ground resistance
  • Touch, step, and transfer potentials
  • Ground mat impedance
  • Point-to-point, continuity, and low impedance
  • Induced or stray voltages
  • Oscilloscope function

For those adventurous enough to conduct your own grounding system testing, HP&D is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the SGM system, which includes:

  • The meter
  • A test/calibration unit
  • Accessories (probes, cables, etc.),
  • WinSGM software (with three-years of updates)

HP&D offers onsite custom-tailored training for Smart Ground Meter operators. The SGM is an incredibly powerful and complex system, and operator training is absolutely imperative. Our grounding specialists bring unparalleled knowledge and field experience to your site, offering hands-on instruction and field testing demonstration.

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