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Need a check-up for your facility? HP&D offers a wide range of facility assessments to help you make sure things are operating as intended.

Facility Assessments

In a facility with integrated systems, keeping equipment and systems running efficiently, and maximizing lifecycles can be challenging. Critical facility systems are extremely complex, and the stakes of a power outage can be extremely high. This creates a high-pressure situation for those tasked with operating and maintaining these systems, and facility staff turnover makes consistent training and knowledge transfer challenging. As a 3rd-party consultant, HP&D helps clients maintain these complex systems with a variety of facility assessment services, including:

  • Maintenance Program Assessment
    HP&D conducts on-site reviews of your maintenance program, evaluates maintenance contracts, coordinates maintenance and safety efforts, and identifies missing or inadequate procedures. This typically includes Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP) and System Recovery Procedures (SRP).
  • MOP assessment
    Our experienced team will conduct a thorough review of the methods of procedure you currently have in place, and assess how well they address the needs of your unique systems and environment. We walk through each procedure to verify that it is practical, easily followed, and complete. This service is ideal for facilities in which multiple entities are responsible for consistently installing, configuring, operating and maintaining equipment.
  • Data center tier evaluation
    For facilities seeking tier classification for data center infrastructure, HP&D can help you make sure that your data center infrastructure investment aligns with your business development and operational strategies.
  • Live-site assessments
    Energized systems are dangerous, and work must be performed safely while maintaining power to critical components. HP&D serves as a live-site consultant in dozens of facilities every year, advising clients on safely installing, maintaining, and servicing critical equipment without disrupting service.
  • Reliability studies
    Relative to the design intent and, if applicable, tier classification of the facility, we conduct a thorough analysis to determine the reliability of existing systems. Studies include Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) metrics, and present a clear cost-benefit analysis of maintaining, replacing, and expanding critical facility systems.
  • Energy Audits
    With careful analysis of energy usage in your facility, we develop a common-sense approach tailored to your facility to improve efficiency and reduce costs without sacrificing operability. We examine existing facility energy usage, facility design and construction materials, operations methods, maintenance history, component- and system-level capabilities, automation, and controls, etc. We then look at industry standards and building science best practices to identify and document recommendations to improve efficiency. The final audit report includes current operating costs compared to projected costs following implementation of recommended efficiency improvements, as well as additional steps that may further reduce energy consumption.

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