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Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is a cost-effective survey method to efficiently assess a facility’s electrical distribution system. The infrared principle is simple; electrical problems generate abnormal heat prior to failure. Infrared thermography allows qualified technicians to visualize variations in temperature, which can indicate potential problems.


HP&D infrared testing identifies critical electrical problem

While infrared cameras are readily available, it takes an experienced infrared surveyor to distinguish “hot spots” and anomalies from actual issues to avoid costly but unnecessary repairs. At HP&D, our team comprises certified infrared thermographers and technicians with extensive field experience who can identify areas of concern and recommend steps to resolve them.

Infrared thermography is non-contact and nondestructive testing (NDT), so there is no need to interrupt system production in order to conduct a survey. We scan your electrical equipment under normal loads and operating conditions to:

  • Quickly identify areas of concern requiring further analysis within your electrical system
  • Identify and prioritize equipment service and repairs
  • Schedule needed maintenance to prevent unplanned service outages and higher repair costs

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