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Michael J. Kline, PE

Your Data Center’s Hidden (and Shocking) Potential

By Conduit

As data center facilities increase in size, complexity, and energy consumption, new data center projects often require dedicated substations. When that is the case, the data center becomes an extension of the substation and is subject to its same inherent risks.

Regardless of who owns the substation, the risks to personnel and property remain the same – damaging or potentially lethal voltages caused by line-to-ground faults and lightning strikes. Read more…

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Earth Grids Are Easy… Or Are They?

By Conduit, uPDate

A grounding system’s purpose is to use the earth as a current-carrying conductor to dissipate noise currents and conduct dangerous lightning and power fault currents. Earth is a very good electrical conductor due to its mass and its availability to everyone at all locations throughout the world. This global access to the earth allows grounding systems installed on opposite sides of the world to connect. Read more…

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