Available Positions

HP&D is currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:

Mechanical Commissioning Engineer
Washington, DC  |  Full-time

Mechanical Commissioning Associate
Ashburn, VA  |  Full-time

Automation Engineer
Atlanta, GA  |  Full-time

Electrical Test Engineer
Dallas, TX  |  Full-time

Project Superintendent (Contract)
Akron, OH  |  Contract

Project Superintendent (Contract)
Detroit, MI  |  Contract

Manager of Employee Learning and Development
Atlanta, GA  |  Full-time

General Inquiries

HP&D is always looking for qualified candidates to join our team, particularly for positions including:

  • Electrical commissioning agents and associates
  • Electrical testing associates
  • Mechanical commissioning agents and associates

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to careers@hoodpd.com.

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